About us

We believe there is a huge gap in the horn of Africa in terms of funding and investments in SMEs and Startups. The region has big potential in every sector from tech, energy, agriculture, service industry and education. With its young population of close to a 1/2 Billion, growing economy and diaspora that is coming back to invest and work in their home countries, it is ripe for investments and creating an ecosystem that supports awesome, cool, and impactful businesses.

We believe that, by providing much-needed capital and building bridges between venture capital firms, young innovative companies and established businesses, we can achieve both strong investment returns and economic growth

Silicorn horn ventures

We invest in Founders and Startups who are Bold and Passionate about Using Technology and Innovation to bring change in Africa.

“We’re looking for startups with diverse teams that can execute on bold ideas to advance the multi-billion-dollar tech industry and provide value to our strategic investors and partners within them.”
Founder of siliconhorn ventures

Our approach

1. Apply

We have all year-round scouting opportunities for startups and businesses that are working on impactful work in the region.

2. Pitch

You get a chance to pitch to our team in person or remotely. This is an opportunity to share with us your story, solution, and the team behind the venture.

3. On-board

After the due diligence, the venture comes onboard our platform, and we start re-imagining and refining the venture

4. Invest

After finishing the due diligence, we invest in the business and offer tailored support for continued growth and expansion.